Varanger Lodge - the design

For a long time it has been Edgar’s dream to build a place for his guests to stay, a place true to his vision for tourism in Varanger - Genuine, Sustainable and Challenging. Varanger Lodge fulfills his vision!

The ancient gámme buildings of the Sámi people in Varanger area were constructions of birch trees covered in turf, with a hole in the middle of the room to let the smoke out. Only local materials were used. The settlements were located close to the shoreline making the way to the resources short. 

Looking at the Varanger Lodge it is easy to see the connection to the past, while at the same time their design is modern and fresh. The man behind the design is Edgar’s Finnish friend and architect, Konsta Lehti. For Konsta it was important to stay true to Edgar’s vision, while at the same time creating modern, sustainable 21st century architecture.

The angle of the roofs reflects the mountains above Mortensnes cultural heritage site, to the east of the lodge. The roofs are covered with turf and grass from the building site. The outer walls are treated with iron sulfate, a sustainable wood treatment that will turn the wood into gray tones that live with the weather and seasons. Some of the inside walls are covered with birch panels, each piece picked and sawed by hand to fit the rooms. In the bedrooms, skylights in the ceiling allow natural light to enter and remind of the ancient smoke holes. At the same time, they let you to enjoy the Norhtern Lights in the night. The large windows in the living room allow you to observe the main attraction - the Varangerfjord - at close.

Varanger Lodge


  • 2 cabins
  • 4 persons per cabin
  • 2 extra beds available, also a cot for infants
  • en suite bathrooms
  • well equipped kitchen
  • panorama view to Varangerfjord
  • skylights in bedrooms
  • towels and bedlinen included


  • space for 8 persons
  • wood burning oven
  • magnificent view to the sea
  • total relaxation

Meeting facilities

  • meeting facilities for 12 persons
  • all kinds of arrangements from yoga classes to board meetings